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  • “Cast Your Net” – Clive Coutet, R3 Missions

    In our day to day lives we are challenged with many choices, choices about what we shall wear or what we shall eat. But we also have a choice about who we shall serve, everyday is a constant battle. A journey of faith. In this message we explore the faith journey of a man called […]

  • Oklahoma Mission – Week 4

    In this week 4 update for the Oklahoma Mission, we begin to see how various components of the project have impacted church members and leaders alike.  We are introduced to a couple that took the 6 week prayer challenge and is seeing God’s blessing on their family.  There were other members who sacrificed greatly to join the […]

  • Oklahoma Mission 2014 – Week 3

    “God is willing use every aspect of every missionary to draw souls to Him.  R3 seeks to embed a missionary spirit in the heart of its music department.  R3 calls them musicianaries.  Musicians who consecrate their musical gifts for the pure and sole purpose of missions and soul winning.  This culminated in a History of Redemption Concert at 3 […]

  • “A Caring Heart” – Joanne Cross of R3 Missions

    A Caring Heart – R3 Missions YouTube Knowing everything seems sufficient until you’re on the other end. Is nursing solely about holding lives in one’s hands?

  • “He Looked Beyond My Faults” – Song by Candis Braxton

    He Looked Beyond My Faults – R3 Missions YouTube It would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of the life of Christ. We should take it point by point, and let the imagination grasp each scene, especially the closing ones. As we thus dwell upon His great sacrifice […]

  • “The Promise of Power” – Sebastien Braxton of R3 Missions

    The Promise of Power – R3 Missions YouTube Revolutions are the reason why the world is as we find it today. The greatest nation in the world was born out of revolution. The greatest religion in the world was also born out of revolution. And most revolutions are incited by people annoyingly conscious of their […]

  • “The Purpose of Power” – Sebastien Braxton of R3 Missions

    The Purpose of Power – R3 Missions YouTube It has been said that ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ If this old adage is true, then why did Jesus promise the disciples power? What was the purpose of power in the movement of Christianity? This sermon explores further the topic of the Holy Spirit […]

  • “A Praying Man” – Sebastien Braxton of R3 Missions

    “A Praying Man” YouTube R3 Missions 300 children would have gone hungry that day if it wasn’t for a praying man.  1 million souls would have never been brought to Christ if it wasn’t for a praying man.  We are living in  a time when our greatest need, I believe, is for a praying man.  We have plenty of […]

  • Oklahoma Mission 2014 – Week 2

    Oklahoma Mission 2014 – Week 2 As the R3 mission in Oklahoma continues, so does the working of God. They have new missionaries joining them as well as the local church members from 3 different area churches. The preaching, canvassing and testimonies continue in week 2 but with even greater evidences of God’s power and […]

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